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How to Revamp your Home & Solve some Common House Issues

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Aussies are all about the great outdoors and home entertaining is a favourite among many. We love firing up the barbecue, inviting over friends and family, especially on a warm summers night. And the perfect way to create a friendly and comfortable living space in your backyard is with a custom-designed patio, pergola or awning in Sydney. But it can do more than just revamp your living space, it can also help solve some common house issues.

4 Ways Patio, Pergolas or Awnings Add Value & Solve Common House Issues



A common issue for many with backyards in Sydney is that the space can lack functionality or shelter from weather conditions- making it tricky to entertain guests or host events at your house.

The perfect way to transform your outdoor living space and provide comfort and protection from hot, cold or wet weather conditions is with a custom built patio and pergola or awning.  And the great thing about choosing a custom design is that there’s definitely one that will suit the aesthetic of your house and even add value to your home.


Summers in Sydney can get very hot! As the mercury soars so can the price of your energy bills as many turn to air conditioners to keep cool during the warmer months. A custom built patio and pergola or awning in Sydney can help keep your house cooler by providing more shade from direct sunlight coming in through windows and doors. It can also prevent external walls, tiles and paved tiles from heating up.


The heat not only increases household energy uptake but it can also damage your outdoor furniture, or fade the colour of your elements. Windows and doors that are not fitted with the protection of a pergola or awning in Sydney can also get battered by gusty winds and wet weather including heavy rain and hail storms. This may result in damaged windows, leaks and seals. An effective and stylish solution to reduce UV rays and provide protection from wild weather damaging your property is to consider a patio and pergola or awning in Sydney.


Living in Sydney has changed with many opting to embrace more of a metropolitan lifestyle compared to traditional rural living. A common issue many face is the lack of privacy as the proximity of houses are much closer together. This is especially common if you’re surrounded by double storey houses or your neighbours are position higher than your outdoor area. A valuable solution to add privacy and spruce up your outdoor space would be to install a patio and pergola or awning. It can keep prying eyes out and transform your living space.

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