Design your Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Space

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Your outdoor entertainment space will be the centre of where your memories are made this summer. Nail your design and keep the good vibes rolling. Think about how you can maximise the space by ensuring the walls are open and plan accordingly. The amount of space you have will influence the style and size of your new entertainment area… Therefore, your goal is to not have to shuttle back and forth from the indoors to the outdoors especially when you are entertaining.

Do you need help in designing your ideal outdoor entertainment area? From choosing a quality outdoor kitchen to tying it in all together, we have put together 7 tips that will keep you covered.

Top 7 Tips

Today, we have come up with some of the most effective ideas to give your outdoor space a charming makeover. Let’s dive in!

1. Patio or Pergola

Pergola builders Sydney make sure that your sunny and rainy days are taken care of.

By adding a pergola, you can enhance your entertainment area by providing shade and protection from the rain allowing you to use your area all year around. This will also add character to your home, making it more relaxing and welcoming.

2. Outdoor Flooring & Furniture

Both outdoor flooring and furniture have to be chosen, keeping the style consistent throughout. Non-slippery floors, preferably wooden, are perfect for making the area both durable and stylish.

The patios Sydney will give a flawless finish with best-in-class flooring that will suit your theme of the area. You can consult with professionals to get personalized solutions and find the best options available. .

3. Seating Areas

Consider the social aspect when choosing your seating arrangements. Dedicate different sections of your outdoor space for dining and for lounging.  You can choose contemporary daybeds or classic ceramic dining to create an elegant and functional seating area. Ensure these seating arrangements, especially the lounge is covered by your pergola roofing. Although quality products won’t rust and should be covered by warranty, it gives your furniture the extra protection it needs to preserve the longevity of it.

4. Outdoor Kitchen

Creating an outdoor kitchen is both exciting and challenging. With so many options available, you are likely to feel a little confused.

We recommend you to take into consideration your lifestyle and personal preferences – do you like it minimal or grand? Just the dining setting and barbecue, or a whole backyard kitchen? We recommend you invest in kitchen appliances such as fridges, wok burners and sinks.

5. Smart Home Technology

Tech-savvy Aussies have now started using smart technology in outdoor lounges to enhance there outdoor entertaining experience.

Various smart devices that are equipped for outdoor entertainment include Wi-Fi garden light controllers and bluetooth speakers. Such small additions to your space make a big difference in ensuring a cosy evening.

6. Mood Lighting

Outdoor entertainment areas are not just for daytime use. You should be able to use the area at any time of the day comfortably which means adequate lighting is essential.

Tip: If you enjoy night time entertaining, look into mood lighting to create the atmosphere but keep in mind that you want it to be light enough to see your surroundings and not interfere with hosting your gathering.

7. Fresh Plants

Greenery adds ambiance and enhance the overall feeling of your outdoor space. You can add subtle lighting effects such as solar LED lights within your garden bed to captivate your guests attention when dining during the dark.

You can also have indoor, less-sunlight requiring plants in custom screen enclosures. This also helps in getting that homely vibe!

Wrapping Up

We hope that this blog has helped you in designing your perfect outdoor entertaining area. One of our final tips is to ensure that you do not clutter the space an that you decorate with outdoor friendly decor. With your creativity and a little bit of help, you will have your outdoor entertainment area in no time!

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