Customised Carports

Customised Carports For Your Home

Sydney’s climate is literally defined by extremes which can sometimes even be experienced on a single day, so unless you have multiple garages, a strong and durable carport is the shelter you need to protect your vehicle(s).

Coined from the French term that stands for a “covered portal”, carports give you a peace of mind as they protect your valuable possessions from harsh Aussie weather.

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A Customized Carport Can Only Enhance Your Residential Haven

Whether your home style is classic or contemporary, the job of our in-house design consultants is to create a carport that will do more than safeguard your vehicle asit will also significantly enhance the monetary value of your home.

Providing your prized possessions with a roof over their head does not have to harm your picturesque surrounding as there is a variety of options you can choose from when it comes to carports Sydney offerings.

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Get a carport that will not only be an ideal addition to your home, but rather a perfect extension of your personal space.

Why Adams Awnings?

As a Sydney-based expert with over 25 years of experience in custom carports, we are aware of the specific needs that residents of Kellyville, Bella Vista, Norwest, and Marsden Park have. With Western Sydney uniquely prone to the “urban heat island” effect as temperatures rise to dangerous effects and New South Wales having a more humid tropical climate due to coastal cities and national parks, the importance of a personalized approach to carport design cannot be emphasized enough.

With the latest software design technology, our proposed solutions improve both the look and functionality of outdoor settings, while suiting the unique needs and design preferences of our customers. We like to think of carports as a way to personalize your outdoor living space as they are an extension of your home as opposed to merely an addition.

The Promise of Quality

Manufactured locally in Australia, carports are built with only the strongest and most durable materials that adhere to Australian standards and guidelines. Last but not least, they require minimal maintenance.

Building With The Future In Mind

Besides finding the perfect way to protect your car, boat or caravan from the wear and tear caused by extreme weather conditions, as Sydney carport builders, we commit to using only environmentally-friendly materials that meet both current and emerging building regulations.

Creating Your Carport

Choosing a carport is not a difficult nor a lengthy task but you will be amazed at the range of options you can choose from, including what seems to be an unlimited choice of colours.

Design options

  • The Flat Roof is a single slope roof that can beeither freestanding or attached to the side of your home. Besides being cost-effective, it offers you great flexibility as the span of the roof can be made to your specifications.
  • The Pitched Roof can also be freestanding or attached, but it is preferred by many due to itsspacious effect. For this reason, it is the first choice of boat and caravan owners.
  • Tailor-made model: If you would like to combine the above two types, we will build you a custom carport design that meets your unique needs.
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Besides guaranteeing that we will find materials that complement the style of your home and enhance its streetscape appeal, we use only durable materials that adhere to Australian standards. From Colourbond steel to rust-proof aluminium, the materials we use are resistant to peeling, fading and cracking.

The 101 Piece Of Advice

  • For vehicles and caravans, we recommend you opt for single-skin or insulated roofing as they are both cost-effective, require minimal maintenance, and have remarkable spanning capabilities.
  • Insulated roofing has the additional perk of keeping the area condensation and mould free, so we advise it especially when the area will be used as an entertainment space.
  • As Sydney has been having an exceptional year of rainfall, we suggest you consider corrugated roofing cladding which is also advised for suburban homes that are built under trees.
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Our Services

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Pergolas and Patios
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Get a carport that will not only be an ideal addition to your home, but rather a perfect extension of your personal space.