6 Ideas for Your Pergola for The Winter

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If you have a pergola, you will know how great they are during the summer.

You can watch your children play there or sit in the shade and enjoy your garden. But hey – what to do when the weather is not good?

Well, in that case, you need to figure out ways to make the most of it. Every year the fall breeze turns into a chilly winter wind, which leaves your backyard pergola covered in snow. Of course, you cannot do much about the external conditions, but you can do something about your pergola! You can try various things to give it a unique look and add warmness for the upcoming seasons.

Look at our six ideas for your pergola for winter.

Ideas for a Functional and Winter-Ready Pergola

1. Heat It Up

It is the time of year to think about ways to keep pergola warm. Now, we are not talking about a fire pit or even a fireplace – although those are great ideas too.

We suggest you use many other heaters in a pergola, including oil or gas heaters, electric heaters, and even solar-powered ones. These will keep your space warm and cosy, creating a  relaxed ambience. In fact, you can also consider using portable heaters in your pergola. These devices are easy to install and come with multiple settings. You can also move them around as per need, so it will not make one place too hot and the other too cold.

2. Use Winter-Friendly Accessories

You may love to decorate your pergola and patios Sydney year-round. However, when the temperature drops, you need to make sure that the decorations you choose are appropriate for colder weather.

You can easily create a beautiful display with a few simple changes. For example, use lights designed for outdoor use, like LEDs or battery-powered lights. Further, liven up your pergola with greenery such as pine cones, holly, or ivy.

Consider finding items that are specifically for harsh weather conditions. For example, snow chains or tire sandals will help keep your feet from slipping on icy surfaces and prevent damage to the wood underneath them.

3. Make Your Furniture Winter-Ready

One of the biggest dangers of a pergola is moisture.

If you are going to spend time outside, protecting your furniture is essential. Moisture can seep into the wood and cause rot, which will damage the structure. To avoid this, make sure to protect your furniture covering it from rain, snow, sun, and insects. If you are using wood, consider applying a sealant or stain before winter so it lasts longer.

4. Put Up Some Lights

You can easily turn your pergolas Sydney into a magical winter wonderland by adding lights to it!

There are so many decorative lights available today, so there is no reason why you should not have one that suits just about any style imaginable! You can choose from fairy lights, which look beautiful when hung from trees or roofs, or solar-powered lights that require minimal maintenance as they do not require any wires or plugs. Consider your family’s preferences and light up your outdoors beautifully.

5. Connect Pergola With a Sturdy Enclosure

Make your pergola an inviting place for your guests – even in the coldest season!
If your pergola is close enough to your house or garage, make some dynamic changes to connect and enclose it with a sturdy enclosure. It will protect it from any weather dangers and make sure that nothing falls on it.
If you are looking for inspiration, you can consult with your local and licensed builders to learn what type of pergola enclosures would suit your needs best!

6. Consider Proper Insulation

Along with keeping pergola warm, remember to keep them covered with a large tarp during the rain and snow season.
If you have any gaps in the areas where the roof meets the walls, add some insulation there to keep cold air out.
Choose proper insulation as any compromise with insulation and heating equipment can cause rot and decay of wood and potential electrical issues due to freezing temperatures over time.

  • It is best to invest in an all-weather pergola cover or retract the pergola awning.
  • If you have a permanent structure, consider installing an all-weather cover for it. It would protect the structure from rain, snow, and sun damage. The cover will also help keep out debris and insects.
  • If you have a retractable pergola, consider putting up an awning over it during the colder months. It is perfect if you are worried about your plants not getting enough sunlight during the winter months.

You can also ask pergola builders Sydney to add pre-made awnings to your pergola.

We hope this was a useful post for you. Make your patios and pergola Sydney winter-ready with Adams Awnings- one of the most trusted pergola builders Sydney! Book a free consultation today and help us build your dream outdoor setting!